3 life skills from my one year old

4 mins read

From where do you learn life skills? Parents, friends, teachers, mentors, WhatsApp, internet? There is so much information out there and everywhere from so many sources.

Last year, in August, my wife and I were blessed with a baby boy. He is the greatest gift we have received and made our lives more joyful. While he is growing fast, there are a few life lessons I learned from him.

1. Don’t carry baggages: Even if he is crying for something, as soon as we draw his attention to something else, he starts smiling and laughing. Maybe he is a child and does not have long term memory. But isn’t life about enjoying what we have right now and not stressing about what is missing from life? Well, we must aspire for achieving greater things in life but do we need to carry all the stress/failures/baggage? At times, it’s good to have short term memory, isn’t it?

2. Focus: As soon as he sees a toy lying in one corner of the Hall, he just literally sprints towards it forgetting everything. Even if we keep calling him, he wouldn’t listen. If you got your sight on something, give your full attention and energy to it.

3. Enjoy little things life has to offer: We were so happy when he uttered “Mama”, when he crawled for the first time, when he stood for the first time. I know deep down in our hearts my wife and I just want him to be healthy and happy. Should not even we be happy enough if we are just healthy? What’s the use of all the money, stress and ambitions if one is not healthy and happy? Should not health, happiness and enjoying every little thing should be the priority.

We can learn life skills from anyone. These lessons I learned from my kid. What life skills have you learned and from whom?